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Back Pain Treatment

Oceanside Chiropractic - Spinal adjustment and Back Massage Sidelying

There are many causes of back pain. Back pain can hinder your ability to function normally in your day-to-day activities. Not to mention, living with pain can be uncomfortable or even unbearable.

Chiropractor Back Pain Care

Back pain can often be treated via chiropractic care, dry needling, stretches and exercises. It is important to always take care of your back. Problems such as muscle pain, skeletal or joint pain or even sciatica pain, can hinder us from living to our full potential. Our trained chiropractors can help you recover from your back pain, via conservative care and back pain treatment.

Chiropractor Treatment for Pregnancy Back Pain

Fortunately, there are some treatments our chiropractors can do to assist you in managing your pregnancy-related back pains. The additional weight of the baby causes major stress to the spine and back muscles, so we are on hand to provide you with the most appropriate chiro treatments to better manage it.

Perth Chiropractor

Oceanside Chiropractic is a chiropractor clinic based in Alkimos, Perth, Western Australia. We are on hand to help you with your back pain treatment alongside a long list of chiro services and treatments we offer. This includes a range of massages and pregnancy massages. Now you can book an appointment online with our easy online booking system.