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Why Stretching Every Morning Is a Good Idea

There are several good ideas for stretching before you get out of bed each morning, some of them may seem obvious while others you may not have thought of. Before you even attempt to stretch it is a good idea to stretch your body thoroughly, making sure that all of your muscles are properly warmed up and lubricated. This way you can prevent any injuries or pain during stretching that you would normally experience if you did not have the proper warm-up. Another thing that many people do not do enough to warm up is stretching before they go to sleep at night.

When you first wake up in the morning you should always stretch, you should stretch just as much as you did when you were sleeping. If you wake up and find that your body is not feeling quite as well as it did when you were sleeping, you may want to stretch more, but still remember to keep it fairly loose. When you wake up again, you can start stretching more, but remember to go slowly and let your body get used to the stretching. Remember that you should never over-stretch, if you overstretch you can injure yourself or you can cause permanent damage to the muscles and tendons in your body.

Other than stretching out of your bed every morning, you can also stretch out of your office. Stretching is something that we do naturally all of the time, but sometimes we ignore it. If you are like most people you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. If you were to start stretching before you lay down to sleep it would give your back a good stretch, which would allow you to be more comfortable and less stiff after your whole day was done. Just remember that if you have sore muscles from working too hard that it is not from sitting too long at your job, it is more than likely the stretching that you have been doing that has caused the soreness.